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Kawasaki Drifter - a Retro-Cruiser for individualists!

With its large fenders and the unmistakable looks, every Drifter is as distinctive as her owner. From far and even from near most people will mistake a Drifter for an Indian original. But latest when eyeing one of the few Kawasaki marks, people are amazed.

As only a couple of individualists were willing to buy one of the two Drifter models (800 + 1500 ccm), the parts and accessories supplies from Kawasaki Europe are very limited. Especially owners of model years 1999 and 2000 often want to add some chrome spots to the blacked out optics or would like to customize and individualize their bikes, but fail to find real competent help. Many shops do not differ between the Drifter and the Classic and assume that both bikes are the same - but this is a only partial truth.

After two years of research on this topic we had the idea of a Drifter-orientated shop. We are in the lucky situation to have good contacts to the USA on one and both versions of the Drifter on the other hand. Therefore we know about the needs of Drifter riders and about the possible solutions. Due to our activity in several large German boards we have a regular contact to other VN / Vulcan riders. For this reason we decided to open the shop for other VN / Vulcan models as well.

The items offered in this shop are intended to fulfill the the needs of Drifter riders and riders of all other Vulcan types. Though we are putting new items into the shop on a daily basis, it may be possible that there still are some gaps in the assortment.

You are looking for a specific part and can´t find it in the shop?
Ask us! Use the
contact form or call us. We do not hide behind a callcenter or expensive phone numbers. Get in contact to us by phone +49 (0) 6181 - 18909-00 on a regular landline. If we do not answer the phone in time, we´re either occupied by a customer or riding our bikes :)

We wish all our visitors a good time while browsing around our choice of products. We´re sure you´ll find something you did not know before.
Take care and ride safe!

Angie & Titus Wolf

Legal notice:

We´re an independent shop and do import directly from the USA.
All parts listed with "Kawasaki USA" as a manufacturer are "Genuine Kawasaki Parts and Accessories" and have the "Fire&Steel" logo.
Though we are no agency or representative of Kawasaki Europe or one of the national European branches.
All logos, trademarks and brand names are only used to mark the products and for navigation within the shop, furthermore for displaying original products of the respective trademark owner.
All rights for logos, trademarks and brand names are reserved to the respective owner.

May 15th, 2009:

As from now on, VN-Teile.de is a brand of Cruiser-Center GmbH.
See imprint for details.

March, 2010:

We´re an authorized Victory Motorcycles dealership.

April, 2012:

We´ve moved our shop to a new location in Muehlheim.

August, 2013:

We´re an authorized Indian Motorcycles dealership. Bikes are expected for October 2013.

January, 2020:

We´ve moved our shop to a new location in Hanau.